Xeomin is a purer form of Botulinum toxin A, specifically selected by our clinic because it has no additives that can cause unnecessary allergic reaction and for the body not to become resistant to its continued use.

Xeomin is a prescription medication indicated for moderate to severe frown lines. It is injected into the muscles of the face to achieve its anti-wrinkling effect. Results may vary, but can be seen as early as 3 to 7 days and can last up 3 to 4 months.

Visit www.xeomin.com to know more about the product description or talk to our licensed clinical practitioner today.

Price: $22 per unit

  • Forehead (6-16 units)
  • Frown (12-24 units)
  • Crow's feet/ Lateral eye (2-8 units each side)
  • Gummy smile (2-4 units)
  • Bunny crunch (2-4 units)
  • Smile lift (2-5 units per side)
  • Cobblestone chin (2-6 units)
  • Nefertiti neck (6-12 units per side)
  • Bruxism or teeth grinding (10-30 units per side)
  • Hyperhidrosis / Sweaty underarms (25-50 units per side)